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Jonathan Dennis

Operations Trainee Corporate Actions |

Why do you enjoy your job?

My reason for joining the scheme was to start a career in finance. With a degree in an unrelated field, this scheme acted as an ideal stepping stone into the world of finance. However, one of the principal reasons also driving the decision was the search for a challenge. I wanted to adapt and learn as quickly as possible. The scheme, company and my department have accommodated this notion so far.

How would you sum up your Investment20/20 experience?

My experience of the Investment20/20 scheme so far has been extremely positive. The Investment20/20 networking day was very good as it provides a common ground for trainees to build contacts within the City, something that will become increasingly important. The trainee status may sometimes restrict certain responsibilities but it also allows unrestricted question asking which is crucial for wide understanding, training opportunities and inter-department exposure.

Although trainee schemes like this can always be improved, I fundamentally believe its greatest strength has already been accomplished: providing a route through the doors of investment houses. For individuals driven to succeed this is enough of a help to set a path into a new and prosperous career in finance. At the time of applying in June 2013 firms were relatively reluctant to hire following the crash. This scheme filled the void between no finance job and highly competitive graduate schemes, a space it continues to occupy.

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