Trainee Forum

The Trainee Forum has been created to help shape the Investment20/20 Strategy to Programme and bring new perspectives and creative challenge.

The forum meets quarterly and members are made up of Trainees and those who have recently transitioned off the programme. To participate in this leadership role they can either self-select or be put forward by their firms into the selection process.

The forum is kept fresh with annual rotations and provides an opportunity to grow peer networks and become Social Media Champions and Investment Ambassadors.

Meet the forum members

Zach Ong

Perry Beard

Ruchi Chandiramani

Ruby Federman

Mary Alves Goncalves

Kaavya Sudhagar

Prince Ajudua

Freya Sloane

Henry Bewley

Gabriel Zubairu

Becca Abingdon

Arin Bhatti

Amelia Reay

Matthew Doughty

Alexandra Baxter

Sahil Arora