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The Investment Industry

The investment industry serves millions of investors both in the UK and worldwide, from individual investors with small savings to company investors such as pension funds and insurance funds with millions to invest.

Investment managers invest our savings in companies and projects all over the world that need finance in order to grow, and investors then share a part of this growth too.

It is a huge responsibility managing large sums of other people’s money and we look to the industry to operate the highest level of ethical standards. Investment professionals are obliged to ensure their customers’ best interests are always served and this fiduciary duty is at the heart of the industry and the way it operates.

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Vital finance and support for business and the economy

More than half of all the new capital UK public companies raise now comes through investment management companies. This financing and the growth that results is a vital part of the economy, creating jobs, the goods and services we need, and wealth.

Investment managers have an important role to play in the companies they choose to invest in, as they generally maintain their stake for a number of years. In their funds they amalgamate lots of investors’ savings and so they have the voting power to influence the way companies behave, helping to ensure they are run properly and ethically.

The role of investment management is very different to investment banking, although the two are often confused with each other. Investment bankers first secure the finance deals on behalf of their client companies in a shorter more compressed process. Investment managers work longer term when they buy into the finance as investments take time to mature.

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