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Investment20/20 Programme

Investment20/20 helps drive a forward thinking, responsible and inclusive investment industry where every firm attracts, develops and retains talented people from all backgrounds.

If you are considering a career in business, enjoy working in teams, have an interest in what’s happening around the world and see yourself working in a professional environment, then investment management could be for you.

Investment20/20 was established to give young people access to a large network of investment management companies committed to helping you start, grow and succeed in the industry.

Jobs are released throughout the year, and the best way to ensure you don’t miss out is to register with us!

What is the Investment20/20 Programme?

At least 12 months long, with a few positions lasting up to 24 months

Paid £22,000 to £30,000
(with regional variance)

Includes training and support from your employer to do your job well

Invitations to a series of learning and development, insight and networking events.

See the topics below for more information about the programme and how it works:

Investment management has a breadth of career roles that require a range of different strengths and skills. From working directly with the funds in investments and distribution, to digital and technology roles underpinning all departments, to working with people in human resources and sales, to creative jobs in marketing and communications, the sector has a broad range of career pathways. Take a look at our an industry for everyone page to further explore.

Each year there are approximately 200 vacancies across our employer partners. This can fluctuate each year.

The Investment20/20 Programme includes both Trainee and Apprenticeship positions. Apprenticeships are a formal Government initiative, whereas Trainee positions are specific to investment management and the Investment20/20 Programme. Trainee and Apprenticeship positions are very similar. Both:

  • are paid within the same salary range
  • include training to do the job well and the wider Investment20/20 professional development programme
  • tend to include an opportunity to study for a professional qualification (this may vary between employer).

Many employers offer an opportunity to work towards an industry professional qualification during the Investment20/20 programme. This will be outlined on the job description for individual roles should there be an opportunity to gain a qualification. 

If you are interested in applying for the Investment20/20 Programme please:

  • Register for our vacancy update service
  • Look for current vacancies
  • When you see a role of interest, review the job description and follow the application guidance outlined.
  • Most employers will require a CV for the first stage of recruitment.
  • are paid within the same salary range
  • include training to do the job well and the wider Investment20/20 professional development programme
  • tend to include an opportunity to study for a professional qualification (this may vary between employer).

Look at our guidance on recruitment processes to help you prepare

Each employer requirements will vary. You can expect positions to be appropriate for both people with school and college leaver qualifications and also for those with a higher education qualification.

Learn more about our school and college leaver programme and our graduate programme.

Investment20/20 employers commit to our ethos of recruiting for potential. Investment20/20 Programme positions do not require previous experience and instead focus on candidates’ strengths, skills and qualities.

It is imperative to have a keen interest in the sector and to demonstrate that you have taken steps to research the sector and firm. This could include reading relevant news articles, following firms and Investment20/20 on LinkedIn to keep up to date, or perhaps attending a careers session at school, college or university. Our employers are looking for people who have an eagerness to learn and are inquisitive. Investment management is a people business so communication and team work skills are key to success. An ability to think analytically and problem solve is important, and to respect others thoughts and ideas. These are all skills and attributes that can be evidenced through projects at school, college and university or through part time jobs, volunteering or responsibilities at home.

As your time on the Investment20/20 programme comes to an end, you will have a discussion with the HR department at your firm regarding your next steps. The vast majority of Investment20/20 firms have the intention to offer a permanent position at the end of the programme, although there can be no guarantee of this.

Each year approximately 75% of Investment20/20 positions are made permanent. Trainees and apprentices progress onto the next level appropriate for their role and onto market rate salary.

The remaining 25% move onto positive destinations, such as a role within a different investment management firm or in wider financial services, or for some onto university.

The Investment20/20 Programme provides important experience that is the foundation to a brilliant start to a professional career.

Trainee roles will vary across the employers and the various intakes. For example, recent roles have included accounts, operations, human resources, compliance, marketing, fixed income and equities.
Yes, Investment20/20’s one-year trainee programme is different from a conventional graduate programme. Conventional graduate programmes tend to have a rotational element to them, however most of Investment20/20’s one-year trainee programmes do not. Trainee Programmes have a shorter contract (typically one year), the recruitment process is shorter and the entry requirements are not so stringent.
Each employer will have their own recruitment process which is detailed on each job description. Typically, you should expect to submit a CV, take part in a telephone or pre-recorded video interview and a final interview. Some firms may have additional steps such as online psychometric tests and an assessment centre. The recruitment process is a two way process, and an opportunity for candidates to ask questions. Visit our preparing for the recruitment process resources section for additional insight.
Yes, you can apply to as many companies as you would like.
Yes, trainee roles are paid positions. The salary of an Investment20/20 trainee falls in a set range. Trainees are also eligible for company benefits which may include a season ticket loan and medical insurance. Salary and benefits vary slightly between firms.
Most Investment20/20 Trainee Programme contracts are for 12 months but some are longer. With some employers it may be possible to secure permanent work there within less than 12 months.
There is no guarantee of a permanent role either during or at the end of your trainee contract. Failing to secure permanent work at the end of your traineeship is not necessarily an indication of your capability. Your employer may not have any vacancies during or at the end of your trainee contract. It is hoped that at the end of your trainee contract you will have sufficient new skills and experiences to add to your CV which will help you secure permanent work within the industry.
On average 75% of our trainees each year are offered a permanent role in their organization. The remaining 25% of trainees move onto positive destinations including to a different position in their current firm, to a different investment management or other firm, and on occasion progress to further full-time education or training.
Most of our employers have no requirements in terms of grades achieved, subjects studied, university attended or previous work experience. Some employers may be running a school leaver programme only and will therefore focus their attention on recruiting school leavers while others will be looking for graduates only. Please refer to each employer’s vacancy for their specific requirements.
The Investment20/20 Trainee roles are entry level roles. The majority of Trainees tend to join either post sixth form studies or university, and sometimes after doing a different job for a few years. There is no set age limit.
Typically, it will not be possible to defer a start date.
If you would like to apply for a vacancy, the application must be submitted directly to the employer’s website. Their application processes can differ. Once you have sent off your application, their own recruitment team will get in contact and update you on your application progress. The application process is detailed on each job description.
Different job roles are advertised at different times throughout the year. It is best to apply for the job vacancy that you are interested in as it comes up. Not all the employers recruit at the same time, and some are open on an ongoing basis. Please Click here to view the vacancy summary for each employer.
The Investment20/20 trainee programme is a fixed term contract for one year or more, with the possibility that it will lead into a permanent position. Firms themselves do offer summer internships/work experience and placement years but this is part of their own company scheme and not a part of Investment20/20.
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