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Investment20/20 for School Leavers

Investment20/20 helps drive a forward thinking, responsible and inclusive investment industry where every firm attracts, develops and retains talented people from all backgrounds.

Investment20/20 will give you your first step into a career in a global financial sector.

Gaining 12 months of industry experience, developing work-based skills and participating in opportunities to learn are the foundations to building a long-term career in the sector. With approximately 200 trainees beginning each year, and half of those joining straight from school and college, the Investment20/20 programme gives a perfect combination of paid experience, skills development and networking opportunities.

Trainees joining straight from school and college have a range of qualification backgrounds including BTECs, A Levels, Highers and many others. It’s your qualities and skills that are important rather than the subject or qualification you studied.

As a school or college leaver joining the Invesment20/20 programme you will:

  • Participate in the Investment20/20 Trainee development programme, accessing learning opportunities on broad range of industry topics from sector experts

  • Build your own professional network – other Trainees who are working across the whole of the Investment20/20 employer network

  • Receive training and support to do your job and be confident in the role