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Jack Elms-Lester

Leveraged Loans Apprentice |
School/College Leaver

Why do you enjoy your job?

Working as a Leveraged Loans Analyst means that there are many tasks which involve communicating with both internal and external clients, such as front office directors and traders, and other banks and custodians who we deal with. This provides me with a large, expanded network when it comes to talking to others both within M&G and outside the business, which is useful regardless of what career path you follow. I particularly enjoy this role as it requires good attention to detail and a methodical way of thinking, which suits the way I like to work. I am also given opportunities to develop my knowledge further by being able to learn about other areas of the business, through work shadowing and talking to other departments internally.

What is the most challenging thing about your job?

The most challenging thing about my job is being able to prioritise the different tasks that are assigned to me in terms of importance rather than just the order that they are given to me, and coming up with a systematic way to ensure that all deadlines are met, and that none are missed.

How did you get into your job?

I came into my job straight from school. I completed my GCSEs and A-Levels at a grammar school in Kent, but decided not to go to university because I felt that the apprenticeship route was more suited to me, as I’d had a couple of part time jobs throughout sixth form and enjoyed being able to learn on-the-job. I studied Maths, Business and French, and I wanted to be able to use my Maths and Business skills, so doing an apprenticeship with an investment management company seemed like the most logical step.

What are your future aspirations?

I am currently completing the Investment Operations Certificate (IOC), and I’m hoping to continue to complete industry-recognised qualifications which will help benefit me throughout my career, such as the Investment Management Certificate (IMC). I hope to continue to develop my knowledge within the financial services industry in order to have the best opportunity of progressing throughout my career.

How would you sum up your Investment20/20 experience?

I think being part of Investment20/20 is really useful, as not only do Investment20/20 organise numerous events such as insight days and talks designed to help develop one’s knowledge of the investment management industry and skills which are beneficial in the workplace, but it enables you to meet other apprentices in the same position as yourself from other businesses, further developing your overall network.

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