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Real Estate Trainee |
School/College Leaver

Why do you enjoy your job?

I love learning about private markets as it is often something that is opaque to students and understanding how things in this market work, especially since Real Estate is an asset class that is physical. I get to see the process from buying, inspecting and finalising the sale which has really helped my analytical skills.

I have also been able to take on a leadership role in one of my networks which I am very grateful for as I am gaining a lot of soft skills from taking minutes in meetings, writing papers, facilitating and organising events. These soft skills have been invaluable and it is very satisfying to see how much I have progressed.

What is the most challenging thing about your job?

The most challenging part has been navigating the numerous internal data systems. It is something I hadn’t experienced to this degree before I arrived but I received training and now I have improved significantly.

How did you get into your job?

I heard about Investment20/20 whilst networking in April 2019 before my A level exams. I did an internship in the summer and decided I wanted to get more experience in the finance industry and decided to take a gap year. My experience here has been unparalleled as I have been able to learn about various asset classes in more depth and seen the applications of many theories. The training events and industry Insight events held by Investment20/20 also help as you get to explore hot topics in the city and explore different firms in the city.

What are your future aspirations?

I plan on going to university in September in which I am planning to put all my experience and knowledge to application as I am looking to study Economics next year and afterwards return to financial services.

How would you sum up your Investment20/20 experience?

It has been a stretching experience. You learn a lot of things about yourself: how you work, interact with people and navigate these spaces and I have fully enjoyed the process.

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