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Amy Kunner

IT PMO Analyst |

Why do you enjoy your job?

As a PMO for major projects that has an IT aspect to it, both internal and external, the need to be organised is crucial. Being part of these change projects means I have exposure to different teams as well as being able to sit in exco meetings and see how high level decisions are made and what questions are asked to get there. This is the aspect I enjoy the most where a project’s business case is constantly challenged and to see what gets allocated resources and why.

What is the most challenging thing about your job?

When you do something like reporting, it is easy to get familiarised with the process quickly due to repetition but to truly understand some high level meetings, knowledge of how systems link is crucial and this technical knowledge is the aspect I struggle with. I don’t come from a tech background so this world is even more alien to me than the finance sector was when I first began. Knowledge can be built with time, it’s just the vast amount needed that is the challenging part to build quickly.

How did you get into your job?

I went to Newcastle University where I studied History and Politics and it was there where I visited firms from a variety of industries including the Investment Association. My experience at the Investment Association was so positive it was there where I considered the Investment management industry as a potential for a career for the first time due to seeing how driven the speakers were and how much politics played an important role in this industry. Initially I thought my background would be a disadvantage and hinder me but when I came across Investment20/20 I realised I still had a lot to offer just in a different package than the usual economic graduates and so it was this programme that gave me the confidence to believe in myself and start thinking I am just as capable as anybody else to strive in this business and so I applied to a completely new industry to me. You will never know what something is truly like until you try it out. Without this opportunity I don’t know how I would have got my foot through the door with limited financial experience.

What are your future aspirations?

One of the reasons why I signed up to the Investment20/20 programme was because I didn’t know what the finance industry would be like and I thought it was a win win situation, If I didn’t like the industry I could leave after a year but the experience would still be invaluable wherever I go next as there are so many transferable skills you can take with you once you work for any international corporation and if I did like it I would stay. I am happy to say after this experience I am in no doubt that I feel like I could grow in this industry and the opportunities are plentiful. I would like to do financial qualifications like the IMC (Investment Management Certificate) to solidify my understanding of the financial industry.

How would you sum up your Investment20/20 experience?

Being a trainee, the opportunities are plentiful for example being able to go to industry events and shadow different teams. This opportunity I don’t think I would have got if I wasn’t a trainee so I am glad I applied to the Investment20/20 programme and would recommend it to others especially those who are unsure what industry they want to go into like I was. Usually the foot in a door is the hardest part of someone’s career

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