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Amanda Couch

ACE Project Manager |

Why do you enjoy your job?

One of the things I enjoy most about my role is having the opportunity to work on a variety of projects and initiatives. I have to be on the ball all the time, as you never know what is going to happen. I work with various teams across the organisation, gaining knowledge of what they do, but also the processes they use and how they can be improved. Most importantly, I have been able to learn the theory of Lean Six Sigma and apply it to real-life situations; with each project I have the chance to apply a variety of problem solving tools at my disposal.

What is the most challenging thing about your job?

Coming from a humanities background, I found learning the investment management jargon and how it all links quite difficult. It was hard to understand what each department did, the roles within and how everything linked together. But I found that people are more than happy to sit down and explain their place in the organisation. I also found that there were many who weren’t entirely sure either, so at least I wasn’t alone in my confusion.

How did you get into your job?

I had been out of university in the ‘real world’ for a year and a half before I joined BNP Paribas Securities Services. I was pursuing a career in Project Management, which with a History degree I was finding difficult. I had previously shied away from banking as I’m not much of a numbers person, however after coming across Investment20/20 and the role with BNP Paribas Securities Services I took a chance and applied. I haven’t looked back since. This role has enabled me to gain so much experience in Project Management and Lean Six Sigma, as well as experience a multinational firm.

What are your future aspirations?

For the remainder of my contract I want to learn as much as possible, about the industry and project management, and to continue to meet new people. I am looking forward to seeing what opportunities are available to me at the end of my 12 months, and hopefully move into a permanent position.

How would you sum up your Investment20/20 experience?

Investment20/20 enabled me to have a global investment management firm say yes to me when no one else would take the chance. It has been an amazing opportunity, both challenging and rewarding. Working at BNP Paribas Securities Services as an Investment20/20 trainee has made the time and effort I put into getting on the career ladder worth it.

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