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Schools, colleges and community organisations

Our outreach programme supports people to explore careers in investment management and help them to navigate a route into the sector.

In England, our outreach activities correlate to the Gatsby Benchmarks and contributes to a whole school and college careers plan.  In Scotland we work closely with Developing Young Workforce, and we are a signatory of the Young Person’s Guarantee, reflective of our work to support schools, colleges and those organisations who support people looking for job opportunities in Scotland.

Our career outreach activities include:

Explore careers in investment management

This session:

  • Provides an insight to purpose of investment management, career pathways and routes into the sector
  • Introduces the skills and jobs that will be in demand in the future in the sector 
  • includes hearing from Investment20/20 trainees about their experience on the programme

Investing to improve climate change

This session:

  • Provides an insight on how investment decisions can help to address climate change and environmental issues
  • Includes hearing from sustainable investment experts about their own career journey, the skills and qualifications required

Preparing for the recruitment process

This session:

  • Introduces the typical recruitment process from beginning to end
  • Provides an opportunity to practice psychometric test questions 
  • Provides an insight as to how to effectively interpret a job description 
  • Includes hearing from Investment20/20 alumni about their own experience in the recruitment process

We can also support your careers and apprenticeship fairs across year groups.  

Download our careers outreach programme for England and for Scotland for more information.

If you are a Careers Leader, teacher or other professional working with people on career destinations please register here for our regular vacancy bulletins.

If you are interested in booking an Investment20/20 careers session, please book here.

There is a limited number of Think Investments programmes that we can operate each academic term.

To find out more and book a programme for your school or college please contact Jenny Barber, Director of Careers and Talent:

Supporting Enterprise Coordinators