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Diversity & Inclusion

Born out of a need to drive an inclusive investment industry, diversity and inclusion is at the heart of what we do. Our mission is to achieve systemic change across the industry so that all investment management firms hire for potential rather than academic background or experience alone.

The coming together of people from different cultures, backgrounds and experiences brings diverse skills and perspectives. Together this drives creativity to solve complex problems and create innovative solutions helping businesses be more resilient and to thrive. While good for business, it also helps industry better reflect the investors, communities and people we serve.

By enabling equitable access to industry careers, firms are able to build diverse teams of people with different lived experiences. Investment20/20 recognises the intersectionality of people – the multi-faceted nature of social identities – whether that is gender, ethnicity, socio economic or the many other forms of self-identification. This approach is reflected in the work we do with young people from a wide range of communities who may not have considered a career in investments.

Building diverse pools of talent is a constant work-in-progress rather than a one-off initiative and so too is achieving inclusive recruitment. Real change happens when every hiring manager buys into the value of inclusive recruitment. Looking for ‘cultural add’ rather than ‘cultural fit’ and challenging assumptions about the knowledge, skills, and experiences required for roles, is core to our values.

of our trainees are female
0 %
are from ethnic minority backgrounds
0 %
are the first in their family to go to university
0 %
have been state school educated
0 %

How diverse is investment management?

We brought together a group of students and six Investment20/20 trainees to try to find an answer to this crucial question. Whatever your point of view, we think you’ll find this video entertaining, eye opening and uplifting. If you enjoy it, make sure you share it.

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Diversity and inclusion groups in the industry:

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