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Fridaos Abdulrauf

ClusterSeven Analyst |

Why do you enjoy your job?

As a ClusterSeven Analyst, I essentially work in what is best known as Operational Risk team. I deal with how we manage our risk around End User Computing (EUC). This varies, but it is most commonly critical spreadsheets used in the business to make important decisions. For example, spreadsheets used to create models for investment decisions, spreadsheets with critical calculations in them, client details and so on. I manage the utilisation of internal stakeholders with the software we use to deal with these risks.

It is an interesting role as I interact with a variety of teams which is great, I get to know more about their business area. It also helps in networking, as people want to know how to better manage their risks so are willing to speak to me. One of the key benefits of a role like this is it allows the opportunities to hone your technical skills which might not be the case elsewhere. My Excel skills have strengthened significantly. I also get opportunities to lead meetings with stakeholders and manage projects. A recent project I managed was the onboarding of our Paris team onto this software (I had the opportunity to go to Paris and work from there which was good. Seeing different work culture and style). Evidently, this kind of role really draws in your communication skills, ability to manage workloads appropriately, develop technical abilities, teamwork skills and all-round professionalism, particularly as I am in contact with senior stakeholders’ majority of the time. Please tell us about what you do and why you are suited to your job drawing on the skills and interests that you have.

What is the most challenging thing about your job?

The most challenging part of my job is being able to break down the technical nuance into easy to understand language. This means having to understand what you are talking about very well, so you can break it down to others.

How did you get into your job?

I had completed a placement year in a profession environment previously, though it was in a different industry. Upon graduating, I wanted to move into Financial Services, after attending an insight day at M&G investment, my interest in Asset Management grew. Whilst researching for schemes and ways to get into the industry, I came across Investment20/20. I applied for a few roles via the scheme and here I am.

Investment20/20 has been very beneficial in helping me establish a career in this industry. Not only did I get in via Investment20/20, I have become better through Investment20/20 as well. The workshops and networking events have been pivotal in shaping my understanding on the industry in areas I am not directly exposed to in my day to day work. I have also been able to forge important network connections via Investment20/20 with both my peers and senior business leaders. Some who I now see as mentors, helping me improve as a professional in the Industry.

Additionally, I graduated with a degree in Biotechnology with Enterprise, a completely different field to Asset Management. However, the variety of roles within the industry meant there was something for me. An area where I could utilise the skillset developed from my course. Investment20/20 gave me the opportunity to explore this avenue.

What are your future aspirations?

I enjoy client interaction as well as business development. My future aspirations to be a business leader in a space within the industry that encompasses both client interaction and business development.

How would you sum up your Investment20/20 experience?

“My experience has been fun, eye-opening, indispensable and pivotal in shaping my career moving forward. It is definitely an experience I will cherish and refer to for life”

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