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Investment20/20 Newsletter January 2021

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The pandemic is as much an economic and social crisis as it is a health one, but the devastating repercussions are not evenly spread across our society. While the elderly are most at risk from the health impacts of COVID-19, it is the young who are feeling the most painful economic impacts.

Leaving full-time education in 2020 has not been easy. Graduates and school leavers are now facing one of the toughest recruitment markets in recent times. According to the Financial Times, only one in five graduates secured jobs before graduating last year, down from 60% before COVID-19. Lockdown disrupted final exams and students experienced interrupted learning, living conditions for the young declined sharply and young adults experienced the biggest deterioration in their mental health.

With young people most exposed to the economic impact of COVID-19, this issue of the Investment20/20 newsletter explores what our industry is doing to give young people confidence and hope. Hope in the form of Investment20/20 Trainee jobs and work placements like Kickstart, and confidence that comes from interaction and engagement with employers. From the University of Highlands and Islands to Kent University, from sixth forms in Croydon to Edinburgh, we are shouting loudly about the opportunities available in our industry and providing tangible outcomes for young people in the form of jobs.

Investing in outreach, entry jobs and training is an industry priority. We all have responsibility to address this youth-employment crisis and build young people’s career confidence, and together we can make a real difference to the life chances of a generation of young people.

To read more about all of the topics mentioned above and more, click here. We hope you like it.

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