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Clifford Ellis

Institutional Product Delivery |
School/College Leaver

Why do you enjoy your job?

I work in the Institutional Product Delivery team at J.P. Morgan Asset Management. We ensure the timely and accurate on-boarding/off-boarding of institutional clients. We project manage the process from start to finish, ensuring all the relevant teams have completed what they need to from an operational perspective. I enjoy the job because i get exposure to all areas of the business, giving me a holistic view of the company. As internal relationships with other teams are key to the on-boarding process, I feel that my social skills are well suited to the role. Additionally as there is a heavy project management element to the job, my experience establishing and running an events company has helped me take to the role.

What is the most challenging thing about your job?

The most challenging thing about the job is having to liaise with a variety of teams. As each on-boarding/off-boarding is idiosyncratic, the teams we need to engage differ each time. These nuances initially are quite hard to get your head around, however I have been assured that this comes with experience!

How did you get into your job?

I dropped out of University after my first year as I decided the course wasn’t for me alongside other personal issues. I went to work for a small asset management company for a year in Sales then Operations. This gave me a basic insight into the world of finance, however I felt that the on-job learning wasn’t as extensive as I needed early in my career. I saw the Investment20/20 scheme by chance while searching for jobs and applied to the programme not expecting a company like JP Morgan to take me on. Investment20/20 has afforded me exactly what I was looking for, practical skills alongside formal qualifications in the form of the IOC. I feel this should give me a stronger grounding should I have to look for another permanent role once my contract finishes.

What are your future aspirations?

First and foremost I would like to be offered a full time job where I am! Beyond that ideally I would like to end up in a Sales role, however I am fully aware that what people often envisage as an ideal career path can take unexpected turns. I am happy that I am in the industry I want to be in and as long as I end up in a role where my skills are being utilised I will be happy.

How would you sum up your Investment20/20 experience?

An enjoyable but practical year in the industry.

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