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Alexandra Butterworth

Corporate Communications Trainee |
School/College Leaver

Why do you enjoy your job?

As a communications trainee, my role is split between PR and Internal Communications – and I am loving every minute. Working in communications allows me to combine my three passions – design, economics and building relationships. I will be studying Economics at university next year, and so my job allows me to experience my favourite subject in real life, as well as explore communications with a creative twist.

What is the most challenging thing about your job?

Working in communications means that I have to research into a lot of different regions of the business and present this in a way that the entire company can understand – this could be from a trainee completely new to the business all the way up CEO level. This can be challenging as I have to stay on top of changes happening around the business, and understand what role every team plays in the overall structure of Schroders.

How did you get into your job?

Back in February 2018, I had an offer to study Chinese at university. However, one day I realised that this simply was not what I wanted to do anymore, and so I decided to take a working gap year to figure out my options. I had always enjoyed Economics at school, and so I looked into jobs in the City, which led me to Investment20/20.

What are your future aspirations?

Working in the asset management industry has shown me how much I love Economics, and I have a university offer to study this in September 2019. Hopefully, this will lead me back to a career at Schroders.

How would you sum up your Investment20/20 experience?

Investment20/20 has provided me with not only with valuable work experience, but also provided me with formal investment qualifications and the chance to meet interesting people my own age across the industry.

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