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Eleanor Austin

ESG Strategic Projects |

Why do you enjoy your job?

I enjoy the potential to power positive change in my role and approach the investment process through an ESG lens.

Aviva Investors believes that ESG- Environmental, Social, Governance- factors are material to the long-term value and returns of portfolios. ESG is therefore a fundamental consideration in how we manage investments on behalf of our clients.

I am passionate about contributing to combat the multitude of issues we face as a global community. Looking at an environmental example, it is imperative that in 2020 global emissions need to peak, then decline at a ratee of 7% year-on-year proceeding that peak in order to combat the key global risk that is climate change. Within my role, I get exposure to how climate-related risk is being integrated into investment decisions, and the modelling behind our European Equity Climate transition fund.

What is the most challenging thing about your job?

The biggest challenge I have faced within my role is building my investment knowledge to meet my ESG subject matter knowledge.

I have been able to tackle this challenge through learning on the job, but also being supported by my firm to complete the Investment Management Certificate, giving me a foundation of knowledge to build from throughout my career.

How did you get into your job?

I studied Politics and International Relations at University of Nottingham, graduating in July 2019. Throughout my degree I studied topics that are directly linked to ESG factors including; climate change ethics, ethnic conflict and the development issue of the international political economy. This gave me a foundation knowledge in understanding ESG factors.

However, as a humanities student, I did not have the traditional economics background which is stereotypically the necessary requirement to enter the investment management industry. Investment20/20 gave me the opportunity to enter the industry through an alternative recruitment stream, with a different perspective.

How would you sum up your Investment20/20 experience?

Smashing the stereotypes that hinder the investment management industry.

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