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Diversity & Inclusion in the Industry

There is clear evidence that businesses that have a diverse workforce and an
inclusive culture are more likely to outperform their peers on profitability.

The coming together of people from different cultures, backgrounds and experiences brings diverse skills and perspectives. Together this drives creativity, problem solving abilities and innovation, building sustainable and resilient businesses that thrive.

As an industry that services 75% UK households it is vital that we reflect the society we serve. Failure to do this is viewed by the regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority, as a risk. A key pillar of Investment20/20 is enabling equitable access to industry careers.

To ensure that everyone can reach their potential, businesses need a culture that values difference and allows people to bring their “full self” to work. Young people starting their career want to be part of an organisation that is inclusive, accepting and aligns to their values, and diversity is one of those values.

How diverse is investment management?

We brought together a group of students and six Investment20/20 trainees to try to find an answer to this crucial question. Whatever your point of view, we think you’ll find this video entertaining, eye opening and uplifting. If you enjoy it, make sure you share it.

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