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Assessment centre tips

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Top five tips for performing well in an assessment centre

  1. Focus on yourself and not other candidates. It’s easy to sit and compare yourself to others, but the most important thing is to be yourself and focus on demonstrating your key skills.
  2. Speak up and get your voice heard. Remember, it’s not always about being the loudest person in the room, but you also need to make sure you contribute. Be confident and assertive when getting involved with tasks.
  3. The assessors aren’t expecting you to know everything. It’s about showing how you approach a task, and how you apply your skills and knowledge. Even if you’ve got the wrong answer, it’s about showing how you tackle tasks. Individuality and clear, thought through ideas will stand out.
  4. Smile, and be friendly, respectful and polite to everyone you meet. Make sure you interact with others wherever you get the opportunity. Even if it’s informal conversation and getting to know them. It helps show you can get on with people and that you’d be a good team fit.
  5. Enjoy yourself. If you try to relax and enjoy the day, this will reflect off you and onto the interviewers. They want to see how you’d act in a typical everyday environment. Don’t put on a big show – be true to yourself and show them what you’ve got

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