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Sponsorship details




Investment20/20 works with its sponsor firms to provide access to school leaver and graduate trainee and apprenticeship programmes across the UK. We run a vibrant Investment20/20 network for all our Trainees and Apprentices with regular events and a trainee forum.

Our commitment to you

Supporting diverse talent into all aspects of investment management. We are committed to:

(a) unifying investment firms behind a shared goal to increase awareness among future talent about our industry highlighting its social value, contribution to the economy and breadth of rewarding careers;

(b) facilitating access to new recruits from a diversity of backgrounds encouraging an open and diverse culture;

(c) reaching out to schools, colleges and universities in the UK;

(d) ensuring your programme offers are clear, appealing and inclusive;

(e) nurturing your Trainees/Apprentices in their first year through professional development events and networking opportunities with Investment20/20 Trainees/Apprentices across the industry.

Your commitment to us

Our sponsor firms are committed to the following principles:

(a) to employ school leavers/graduates (“Trainees/Apprentices”) and seek applications (without discrimination) from a broad range of schools, colleges and universities;

(b) not make it mandatory that Trainees/Apprentices require previous work experience;

(c) no requirement for minimum grades, unless absolutely necessary;

(d) adopt a thorough, fair, non-discriminatory and transparent recruitment process;

(e) pay a fair wage to the Trainees/Apprentices – we propose between £25,000 – £35,000 pa for Trainees/Apprentices, taking into account regional weighting, plus normal company benefits;

(f) provide, where possible, a minimum 12 months’ employment contract to all Trainees/Apprentices to ensure that both the member firm and the Trainees can build a beneficial working relationship;

(g) offer, where possible and practicable, Trainees/Apprentices non-rotational work to allow the Trainee/Apprentice to gain expertise in a specific area and to build a basic knowledge of a specific area of business;

(h) appoint a line manager and mentor who will give regular feedback and guidance to the Trainee/Apprentice;

(i) provide training and development relevant to each Trainee/Apprentice role as may be available to any other employees or members of the firm;

(j) encourage the Trainee/Apprentice to participate in Investment20/20 professional development opportunities and networking events with industry peers;

(k) encourage the Trainee/Apprentice to participate in Investment Ambassador talks in schools/colleges; and

(l) encourage Trainees/Apprentices to start a foundation professional qualification such as CISI’s IOC or CFA’s Investment Foundation Certificate.

Membership Fees

Membership fees are dependent on the size of your firm:

(1) for firms with over 500 UK based employees, the fee is £27,300 per annum plus VAT;

(2) for firms with 150-500 UK based employees, the fee is £13,700 per annum plus VAT; and

(3) for firms with less than 150 employees, the fee is £6,800 per annum plus VAT.

You will be invoiced by us on a recurring annual basis from the following March.


You have the right to terminate your contribution to us at any time by emailing [email protected] or writing to us at Camomile Court, 23 Camomile Street, London EC3A 7LL. Please note that there is no refund of contribution on termination of your sponsorship.