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Sponsorship details




Investment20/20 works with its sponsor firms to provide access to school leaver and graduate trainee and apprenticeship programmes across the UK. We run a vibrant Investment20/20 network for all our Trainees and Apprentices with regular events and a trainee forum.

Our commitment to you

diverse talent into all aspects of investment management. We are committed to:

(a) unifying investment firms behind a shared goal to increase awareness among young people about our industry highlighting its social value and contribution to the economy;

(b) facilitating access to new recruits from wider socio-economic backgrounds from school, college and university encouraging an open and diverse culture;

(c) reaching out to 3,500 schools, colleges and universities in the UK;

(d) ensuring your training offers are clear and appealing, free of jargon;

(e) nurturing your Trainees/Apprentices in their first year through training and educational events and other networking opportunities; and

Your commitment to us

Our sponsor firms are committed to the following principles:

(a) to employ school leavers/graduates (“Trainees/Apprentices”) and seek applications (without discrimination) from a broad range of schools, colleges and universities;

(b) not make it mandatory that Trainees/Apprentices require previous work experience;

(c) not require a set minimum qualifications (or maximum requirement of 240/96 UCAS points) from Trainees/Apprentices;

(d) adopt a thorough, fair, non-discriminatory and transparent recruitment process;

(e) pay a fair wage to the Trainees/Apprentices – we would propose, without being an obligation for our Sponsors, a wage between £25,000 – £35,000 pa for Trainees/Apprentices, taking into account regional weighting, plus normal company benefits;

(f) provide, where possible, and to ensure that both the sponsor and the Trainees/Apprentices can build a beneficial working relationship, a suggested minimum 12 months’ employment contract to all Trainees/Apprentices;

(g) offer, where possible and practicable, Trainees/Apprentices non-rotational work to allow the Trainee/Apprentice to gain expertise in a specific area and to build a basic knowledge of a specific area of business;

(h) appoint a line manager and mentor who will give regular feedback and guidance to the Trainee/Apprentice;

(i) provide training and development relevant to each Trainee/Apprentice role as may be available to any other employees or members of the firm;

(j) encourage the Trainee/Apprentice to participate in Investment20/20 training and networking events;

(k) encourage the Trainee/Apprentice to participate in Investment Ambassador talks in schools/colleges; and

(l) encourage Trainees/Apprentices to start a foundation professional qualification such as CISI’s IOC or CFA’s Investment Foundation Certificate.

Membership Fees

Membership fees are dependent on the size of your firm:

(1) for firms with over 500 UK based employees, the fee is £27,300 per annum plus VAT;

(2) for firms with 150-500 UK based employees, the fee is £13,700 per annum plus VAT; and

(3) for firms with less than 150 employees, the fee is £6,800 per annum plus VAT.

You will be invoiced by us on a recurring annual basis from the following March. We will also request a meeting to discuss your ongoing support for our service and how we are meeting your expectations


You have the right to terminate your contribution to us at any time by emailing [email protected] or writing to us at Camomile Court, 23 Camomile Street, London EC3A 7LL. Please note that there is no refund of contribution on termination of your sponsorship.