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Women In Investment Awards – September 2017

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Do you work with a woman who is a trailblazer within the investment sector? Or perhaps you know a woman whose contribution to a project or task has been inspirational? Maybe there is a rising female star in your midst or someone who has been a role model or mentor to women working in the investment sector. If so, Investment Week is ready to celebrate their achievements at the inaugural Women in Investment Awards.

The Women in Investment Awards are not about men versus women, or whether a particular gender is more suited to a career in financial services, they are simply about celebrating and recognising the achievements of women in a sector where they are currently under-represented.

Why? We know that having access to a broader pool of talent is not only important for investors, but can help to create a more sustainable investment industry for all. Encouraging gender diversity is a crucial step to accomplishing this. In highlighting the achievements of women already in the sector, as well as recognising individuals of either gender who help to maximise the potential of women and are striving to get a better gender balance, the Women in Investment Awards will play its part by helping to inspire more women to work in what is an exciting and dynamic sector.

How you can play your part

By entering the awards you will not only help to acknowledge the current achievements of women, you will be helping to inspire and encourage the next generation of women in the investment sector.

Nomination is quick and easy

Simply complete some basic details about the person or company you are nominating. You can also nominate yourself. Nominations can be supported with an optional 250 word statement. Deadline 4th September.

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