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Investment Ambassador Form

Investment Ambassador Form

By participating in Investment20/20 workshops in schools, colleges and universities, volunteers agree to adhere to the Investment20/20 Volunteers Code of Conduct below.

We all have a responsibility to take an active role in safeguarding. We want our employer volunteers to feel comfortable and confident in their role as a speaker and know that the safeguarding guidelines and policy is in place to ensure that all individuals understand how best to keep young people safe. It is important to be familiar with our Safeguarding Policy.

  1. The role of the volunteer is to give information rather than advice. Please make sure the answers that you give to student questions are emphasised as based on your own subjective experience, and clear that you are not offering advice.
  2. Young people in school, college and university will have their own aspirations about their next steps and future career aspirations. Please give a positive response to all routes of progression, university, apprenticeships and the Investment20/20 trainee programme.
  3. Please provide an overview of your career journey and current role. Provide some insight to the skills that you use in your job.
  4. Please remember that most students will be under the age of 18. Please refrain from sharing anything personal that is not career related, please be aware of the language and words that you use (e.g., please do not swear) and any career experiences that would be inappropriate to share. Please always refer to Investment20/20 for advice if you are unsure on appropriateness of content.
  5. When delivering virtually, it is important that volunteers consider their background. Volunteers should, where possible depending on the virtual platform used, blur their background or use a corporate backdrop. Please remove any ‘personal’ items from your background, which may include photos of family/friends, pictures which may be inappropriate, and personal details. Please also ensure your email address isn’t displayed on the screen. Please also switch off notifications.
  6. Do not search out contact with students after the session, e.g., via the school etc.
  7. Do not arrange to meet up with a student outside of the event.
  8. Do not provide students with your contact details and do not ask student for their contact details. Should students have further questions please direct them to either Investment20/20 or your general HR contact.
  9. If a student emails you following the session do not reply to them. You must forward the email to your HR contact who will respond to them, or forward the email to Investment20/20.
  10. Do not accept requests to connect on any social media platforms with students related to the workshop. This includes LinkedIn. Do not attempt to connect with students on any social media platform.
  11. Do not take photos of the students.
  12. Do not stay behind and be in a room by yourself with a student. If everyone else is leaving the room and you are answering questions, please ask a member of the I2020 team or the school/college to remain with you. A member of the school/college team or Investment20/20 needs to be present at all times.
  13. Investment20/20 will always be there to provide support in answering questions and fill in any gaps in information.
  14. If you have a concern about a young person that you speak to at the activity please follow the procedures set out in the Safeguarding Policy. Alternatively, please contact [email protected].

By submitting this form I:

  • Agree to follow the guidance set out in the Volunteer Code of Conduct and that this applies to every session I take part in going forward for Investment20/20.
  • Agree that Investment20/20 will keep a record of my agreement to Volunteer Code of Conduct.
  • Agree that I have read and understood the Investment20/20 Safeguarding Policy.
  • Agree to be contacted by the Investment20/20 team for a reasonable period of time. For avoidance of doubt on how we will use your data please see our privacy policy.

For more information please contact:
[email protected]