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The Investment20/20 Programme

There are many ways to start a career in the investment industry. Investment20/20 offers two routes. You can join straight from school or college on a school leaver or apprenticeship trainee programme, or you can join as a graduate. Both of these entry points are available through Investment20/20’s one year trainee programme and offer a range of different roles and career opportunities.

An increasingly popular and successful means of entering the industry is through the Investment20/20’s paid trainee programme. The traineeship usually lasts for a year but in some cases can be longer depending on each company’s own training programme. Trainees apply to and join a host firm – see list of firms offering the Investment20/20 programme, and the recruitment process can vary slightly from firm to firm. Entry frequently follows the academic year although there are also many vacancies throughout the year so it is a good idea to register and you will receive details of all new opportunities as they come up.


Benefits of being a trainee

We are committed to ensuring that each trainee has a positive and highly productive experience and so we work closely with each of the host companies to make the scheme work as effectively as possible for you. You will receive an in depth on the job training programme within a department as well as extra mentoring support and free access to Investment20/20’s own industry training resources and events. You will also be encouraged to start an industry professional qualification and will be strongly placed to secure a permanent position at the end of the programme if you decide that a career in the investment management profession is for you. Candidates who are not successful in securing a permanent role with their firm have the benefit of industry experience and skills and a much clearer vision of their career ahead. Past candidates have easily transitioned to other firms within the industry.


entry points offered by investment20/20

School/College leaver programme

School/college leaver programmes are training programmes for young people who have left school or college and do not have a degree. School/college leavers joining through Investment20/20 are given extensive training, on the job experience and the opportunity to take an industry professional qualification. This entry point has become more popular with firms as they open up more roles for those who do not have a degree. Approximately half of the Investment20/20 trainees are school/college leavers.


Apprenticeships are primarily an entry route for school and college leavers who do not have a degree. They typically start within a few years of leaving school or college. These training programmes have the Government ‘Apprenticeship’ brand and follow a pre-defined training programme offering an industry professional qualification along with on the job training. Investment20/20 includes some apprenticeships within its programme. For example M&G Investments and DST Systems both offer apprenticeships through Investment20/20. Approximately half of the Investment20/20 trainees are school/college leavers.


The Investment20/20 programme provides an entry point for graduates on the one year trainee programme and most roll on to permanent positions. Companies are looking for people with a broad range of interests and backgrounds, not just those who have taken maths and economics subjects. We welcome graduates from all subjects as they bring diversity of skills and interests that is important to the industry. Approximately 60% of our Investment20/20 graduates did not take finance, maths or economics subjects at university.

Some companies may also offer their more traditional graduate programmes through Investment20/20 which usually last for 2 years, have rotational placements and higher entry level criteria.